The Features Of The Rosemount 8732 Transmitter

Rosemount makes a wide range of flow meters and transmitters for a variety of different systems and applications. The Rosemount 3732 transmitter offers a very versatile platform that makes it ideal for use in demanding type of applications, including in the food and beverage processing industry as well as in wastewater treatment and manufacturing applications.

The Diagnostic Advantage

One of the many reasons the Rosemount 3732 transmitter is such a popular choice across a broad spectrum of applications is the various diagnostics suites that are available with the transmitter.

These diagnostics are able to process signals in both forward and backward flow and with the use of different flow tube sensor sizes that can be customized to the application. This also includes a good level of flow range, which includes the lower rate of 0.04 feet per second to up to 39 feet per second.

The diagnostics also provide feedback and alerts for issues such as empty pipes, grounding faults, wiring problems, or a transmitter or coil fault. With immediate notification of these issues, potential problems can be avoided in the system.

The Calibration Verification Advantage

To streamline and simplify the requirements for annual verification of the Rosemount 3732 transmitter, the system has built-in calibration verification. This allows the transmitter to run tests that compare to the original values of the meter during the installation configuration, calibration, and commissioning process.

When these results are obtained, and if they fall within the acceptable range as pre-determined by the user, a meter verification report can be provided to all agencies requiring this information.

The transmitter itself is built to be deployed in even the most hazardous environments. It features an explosion-proof housing as well as control for configuration and diagnostics through the local operator interface. This means no need to open the transmitter to make changes or to run diagnostics.

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