The Essential Elements of a Street Sign Kit

For the most part, one of the best additions that a neighborhood can make is relevant street signs. The addition of a street sign can make your street safer because it helps to alert motorists to dangers and other situations that may be present. In most cases, it is easier for a neighborhood to band together and pay for their own signs rather than wait for it to be approved by the city that they live in. When shopping for the right type of signs, you need to look for a complete kit rather than buying each element separately. This will allow you to get a better price on your sign and will avoid you having to wait for the individual elements to come in. Here are a few of the essential elements that you need to look for in a street sign kit.

The Sign of Course

The most obvious element that should be in the kit is the sign itself. You need to make sure that the sign is both vibrant and clearly labeled so there is no confusion with the motorists that see it. Usually, you will get what you pay for so be weary of a company who offers deep discounts.

The Mounting Pole

Another essential element that you have to get with your kit is the pole that the sign actually mounts to. You want to make sure that the pole is both the right height and durable because you want it to last for years to come. Some companies will offer different decorative poles, so you will be able to choose the customized look that you want for your sign. You want to make sure that the pole isn’t too flashy because it will take attention away from the sign itself.

Street Sign Brackets

Yet another essential thing that you need to have in your street sign kit is the brackets that mount the sign to the pole itself. These brackets should be made of thick metal and should come with the screws and washers needed to get the sign up and looking good. In most cases, you will get two sets of brackets just in case there is a problem with first set you will have a backup. Pay close attention to any instructions that are sent with the sign to make sure you are installing it right.

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