The different types of dentures

Dentures are artificial teeth, they replace teeth that have been lost due to trauma or advanced decay, depending on the patient the dentist can either opt for full or partial dentures in Binghamton NY. A complete denture includes all the teeth that would normally be found in either the upper or lower dental arch while a partial denture only replaces certain teeth. Although modern materials and laboratory techniques result in dentures which are far more comfortable and real looking than they were some years ago, they still take getting used to. After the first few months as the gums and jaw bone shrinks the dentures will need to be relined to make them fit snug and comfortable.

Patients, who for one reason or another cannot be seen without teeth can opt for what is known as “immediate dentures.” The dentist takes a series of measurements and impressions and has the denture made in advance, the denture is placed in the mouth on the same day as the extractions are made. Although the patient does not have to be seen without teeth the gums and jaw bone shrink which normally means there are more follow up visits to the dentist to have adjustments made until the dental arch completely heals.

Upper full dentures are held in place by suction, they are usually very stable. The same cannot be said for lower dentures, these are held in position by the lip muscles and the jaw and are not as easy to wear and become accustomed to. New techniques in the making of lower dentures have improved on this problem considerably.

A standard denture is one made for a patient who has already had all their teeth removed. Once the gums have healed, the dentist then takes the necessary impressions for the denture to be produced. Although these types of dentures have been in constant use for years the dentures today are more comfortable and easier to wear due to new design techniques and materials.

For anyone who has lost all their teeth through decay, disease or trauma the solution is full dentures in Binghamton NY. Once the gums have healed and the new dentures are made against a mold of the oral cavity they fit very well. Not every patient has all their teeth extracted; many patients only loose a few of their teeth which can be replaced with a partial denture. A partial denture takes full advantage of the natural teeth remaining, they clamp to these teeth for stability.

If you need New Dentures in Binghamton NY or a replacement denture made, contact New York Dental Group.

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