The Difference Between Organic and Paid Search Results

Search engines like Yahoo, Google, and Bing use algorithms to determine your website’s ranking in the search results. There are two types of search results that engines use. Organic search results are those you acquire when you specifically market your website to rank for certain keywords. Paid results are those you pay to have show up when Internet users search for certain terms. You may even pay extra if users click on the links to your website. Both types of results help attract customers to your website, and there’s really no right or wrong to using one or both types of search results for marketing. If trying to rank organically, it may be best for you to work with an SEO company in Houston who knows how to optimize your website for the search engines.

Organic Search Results Pages

Before paid advertising became popular, website owners had to rely on organic search engine results to attract customers. That led to some website owners using sneaky tactics to market large segments of keywords and legitimate businesses were losing out. Google and the other popular search engines figured out what was happening and changed their algorithm to better reflect the results that users want. Now website owners have to rely more on actual web content and marketing strategies to show up in organic results.

An SEO company in Houston can assess your website and evaluate the products and services you offer to customers. Then, keyword targeted content like blog posts, inner web pages, and a keyword optimized homepage will help to attract the search engines when customers search for certain terms. Because there is more to keyword optimization then just creating a blog post, website owners who want effective results should consider consulting with professional marketers who understand what the search engines look for when ranking websites.

Paid Search Results Pages

Paid results are a bit easier to obtain because you’re paying for it. However, you still need an effective pay per click campaign to be successful. With more Internet users getting used to seeing paid advertisements, some skip over them completely to get to the organic results. By using an SEO company in Houston, you can have a PPC campaign created that will encourage Internet users to click on your link rather than bypass it.

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