The Convenient Features of Retractable Garage Doors

If you have a garage, you probably already have a garage door. However, is your garage door convenient to open every time you need to walk through? Most likely, it is probably more of a hindrance. Due to this, the concept of a garage door has undergone some changes over the past few years. It is now possible to install a retractable screen that will add a whole other level of convenience to your life. See why installing a retractable garage door screen in Jacksonville is well worth the effort.

Is It Open or Closed?

At first, it might seem silly to install a screen for your garage door, but it is actually a great idea. It is the same concept as screens for any other door in your house. These screens allow air to enter without permitting access to pesky insects. It is a great way to enjoy the open air while still having your home closed to intruders or animals. These screens even have doors that allow you to walk through without having to lift the actual garage door. When you put a screen on the garage door, you get to enjoy the outside and inside at the same time!

Choose Your Style

When it comes to choosing a retractable screen, there are many options available. These screens come in almost every color. You can choose one that is easy to see through or a dark, privacy screen. You also have options when it comes to choosing how the screen will open. Some screens use a motor to perform the retracting motion. Other models require some elbow grease to manually move the screen. Either way, both types of screens have the same general function.

The Installation Process

Most retractable screens have the same installation process. Generally, they are mounted to the outside frame of the garage door. A retractable garage door screen in Jacksonville may also have its own frame to keep it in place. However, these frames are stylish and do not detract from the look of the home.

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