The Clock Is Ticking – Don’t Wait to Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer in Shelby County, OH

If you have been injured through no fault of your own, and you believe that you deserve more than what your insurance will pay, you need to speak to an attorney right away. Personal injury claims need to be addressed before the two-year limit. This two-year limit accrues from the date of the mishap.

However, when you speak to a personal injury lawyer in Shelby County, OH, you may be able to claim the actual injury. These claims cover accidents where you did not know that you had been injured until a later date. For example, you may not have known that you had been exposed to a hazardous chemical or that you had come into contact with asbestos.

How the Law Affects Minors

If an injury happened when you were minor, a personal injury lawyer should not be contacted until you have the right to sue. When the statute of limitations is delayed in Ohio, it is referred to as tolling. The start date begins when the litigant turns 18.

Locating the at-Fault Party

You also do not have to begin your case with a personal injury attorney until an at-fault person, who cannot be found, is located. If he or she is in prison, the time spent in a penal facility does not reduce the time on the clock.

Where to Go Online for Legal Help

If you have been hurt because of someone else’s negligence, the statute of limitations is easy to follow. Browse our website for further details about personal injury causes of action. Don’t delay the inevitable. If you believe you need to seek justice, do so right away. The clock is ticking. Take the initiative and receive the compensation that you deserve and need to pay for medical bills and future living expenses. You cannot delay these kinds of cases.

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