The Benefits Of Using Insecticide

A number of important benefits have been gained by the use of insecticides, including increased crop yields due to the insecticides protecting them from disease and defoliation.

Insecticides have also helped with the prevention of stored food spoilage and certain diseases, conserving health and saving millions of animal and human lives.

In North America alone, approximately 37% of potential plant crop yields are destroyed by pests, with at least a good portion of this damage able to be reduced by insecticide use.

Food crops have to compete with 3000 worm species, 10,000 species of insects that eat plants and as many as 30,000 different weed species.

Insecticide spraying is another tool that has proved to very useful to reducing the number of mosquitoes and various other insects that often transmit diseases like malaria to human beings.

The use of pesticides has increased in the last half a century because of their many uses and substantial benefits. The use of pesticides, including insecticides, has now become firmly integrated into the technology employed by modern agriculture.

Since the 1960’s major crop production has increased by as much as three times, largely thanks to the use of pesticides and insecticides.

Production of rice, which feeds nearly 50% of the human race, has increased by more than 50% and wheat production has increased by almost 160%.

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