The Benefits of Renting International Prepaid Cell Phones

Traveling overseas can be costly, making it important for travelers to find various ways to save money or cut corners. One area you do not want to skimp on is your communications. Traveling to a strange country where you might or might not know the language and culture could be a little scary. With the proper communications, you can be prepared. While you can purchase international plans from your current cell phone provider, it won’t come without an extremely high price. The best way to secure communications and save money at the same time is to rent international prepaid cell phones.

What Is Prepaid?

The main benefit of renting prepaid cell phones is the ability to prepay for your minutes. This means you can only use what you pay for. Because the per minute rate most countries charge for their communications is high, this is an intelligent decision. Imagine how easy it would be to call back home and talk for a long time about the excitement of your trip. If your minutes were not prepaid, you could come home to a large cell phone bill you were not expecting. Having a prepaid cell phone allows you to stay in charge of your communication expenses.

Per Minute Rate

Most international prepaid cell phones offer much lower per minute rates than phones that allow you to use and then pay. You can stay aware of what you are paying and how much you have used as well. The per minute rate you are charged will depend on your location when you are making the phone call and the destination for the phone call. If you are calling back home to the U.S., you will pay a different per minute rate than you would if you were making a local call to check on reservations or purchase tickets. Typically, incoming calls have a lower rate than the outgoing rates as well.


Renting international prepaid cell phones also helps you keep your costs down. You will pay one fee that is dependent on the length of your trip for the phone and then prepay for your minutes. Most phones come with one prepaid card and then allow you to add minutes as you need to by contacting customer service.

Renting international prepaid cell phones is the easiest way to stay in control of your communication costs, helping you keep the cost of your vacation down. Finding the right company while you are at home will give you the most options and the highest cost savings.

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