The Benefits Of Installing Outdoor Mist Fans In Sports Venues

For owners of outdoor sporting venues, finding ways to keep spectators, athletes and participants in various events cool and comfortable can be a challenge. A simple way to do this is to install an outdoor mist fan system that provides cool air either in open settings or covered areas in the facility.

There are different options in an outdoor mist fan model that can be ideal for these types of applications. Look for fan models that offer a wide coverage area and that operate using their own pump. This is important as it allows for constant water pressure through the lines, keeping the system operating at peak efficiency even if the pressure in the waters main line drops during heavy demand times of the day.

Pillar Style

For open areas, on the sidelines or around where the teams will be located on the field, the use of the pillar styles of outdoor mist fan models is a good choice. These fans will be up, blowing cool air down and in the direction required. For football, soccer, rugby, lacrosse or any other of these types of team sports, it is the perfect option.

This will also work on tennis courts or for areas for the audience or general public. This is the perfect way to move people to one location in the facility by keeping that area cooler.

Overhead Style

For enclosed areas such as box seats, dugouts or patio areas, it is possible to use an overhead style of mist fan. These are also ideal for locker rooms or team rooms and provide a low-cost way to provide temperature control without the need for a full air conditioning system.

Food Court or Beer Garden Areas

To make food courts and beer garden areas comfortable and cool, adding either overhead or pillar types of misting fans is a low-cost option. These are easy to install, low maintenance and highly durable, providing seasons of cool air for a very nominal cost.

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