The Benefits of Energy Efficient Windows in Lexington KY

Energy-efficient windows may make a substantial difference in a home’s comfort and the amount the homeowner pays each month for utilities. Where energy loss is concerned, doors and windows are the main culprits for a variety of reasons. However, with today’s technology, energy-efficient windows can address many of those issues. Below is a brief look at energy saving windows, along with an explanation of how they can prevent home heat loss.

Losing Heat Through Windows

Windows allow heat loss through convection, conduction, air leakage and radiation; materials with higher rates of conductivity allow more heat to escape. Convection is the method by which air loses its heat to cooled glass, and conduction is heat transfer to the outside through a window. Radiation is heat’s movement through glass as infrared energy, and air leaks are caused by gaps and cracks between the frame, sash and home.

Stop Energy Loss With Efficient Windows

Energy Efficient Windowsin Lexington KY are made of materials that stop heat from flowing outdoors. Less-conductive glass, fiberglass or vinyl frames and thermally resistant spacers can all impede heat transfer. Some windows are double-paned, which can inhibit convection. Here, non-conductive gases are sandwiched between the panes, raising the glass’ temperature. Special coatings can reflect heat away from the home while protecting the interior from UV rays. The best energy saving windows have durable weatherstripping that blocks air leaks.

Modern Window Improvements

Replacement windows are available in many sizes, styles and colors, but the biggest benefits lie in their manufacturing and their composition. Most windows are double- or triple-paned, providing an extra barrier between the home and the elements. Many manufacturers use argon gas in between the panes, further insulating the windows and cutting monthly utility bills.

Reasons to Replace Windows

As demonstrated above, modern windows are vastly different from traditional, wood-framed models. Homeowners making the switch can realize several benefits. For instance, triple-pane windows with argon gas can help a homeowner save up to 45% on their cooling bill, and up to 30% on heating expenses according to the Dept. of Energy.

Along with greater savings on utility bills, those with Energy Efficient Windowsin Lexington KY can enjoy increased comfort. New windows cut down on drafts, interior condensation and furniture fading, while letting more natural light into the room and keeping heat out. By installing new, Energy-Efficient Windows from Affordable Exteriors, homeowners can save while enjoying numerous other benefits.

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