The Benefits of Dog Obedience Training in Chicago

Your dog is part of the family, so doesn’t it make sense he should use good manners all of the time? Of course it does.Dog Obedience Training in Chicago will work with you and your dog so he will always behave the way you want him to.

A hyper or out-of-control pet can really make life difficult. Friends will dread visiting if they know a dog will be all over them when they arrive. Fortunately, this type of behavior can be avoided. Understanding expectations boundaries of the owner are necessary for dogs. Once they are established through proper training, the owner and pet will have a mutual respect for one another which leads to an enjoyable life at home.

Training can be done in a group with other owners and their dogs or in separate one-to-one classes. If your dog is particularly aggressive, you may choose one-to-one so that the trainer will have the dog’s attention without the distractions or interactions with others. You may even choose to leave your dog with a trainer for a period of time to break bad habits and form good ones. Once the training is complete on that level, then you will begin to utilize the commands and expectations taught by the trainer to get the best behavior from your dog. If your dog is friendly with other dogs and people, then training in a class with other dogs and owners may be of benefit. You will be there learning as your dog learns and there won’t have to be a “transfer of power” from a trainer to you.

An untrained dog is unbearable for the dog and the owner. The situation leads to frustration, yelling, and it just isn’t fun for anyone. Being firm and concise with a dog is what is needed for both to live together. Since dogs love to please and love praise, it only makes sense that an owner should communicate exactly what he expects from his dog to avoid confusion. Contact Chicago Canine Academy if you want to have a great relationship with your dog. With an initial consultation, a trainer will be able to determine what type of training would be best and also acquire an understanding of your expectations. In a matter of weeks, your dog can be transformed to fit your lifestyle and behave the way you want him to all of the time.

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