The Benefits of Central Air Conditioning

It’s hard to comprehend a home that doesn’t have a centralized HVAC system. However there are many older homes that rely on individual heating and cooling units, and there are some that have no air conditioning system to speak of. Central Air Conditioning can be expensive to install, which is why many people forgo this option. However, there are many benefits to central air, which can make the high initial cost well worth the investment.

Heating and Cooling of a home with a centralized HVAC system is much more efficient than it is with individual units. Rather than having to put a portable or a window air and heating system in each room, vents can be used to disperse heated or cooled air throughout each room of the home without taking up space. This offers a much more even temperature throughout the home as well as saving a great deal on electricity.

What many people fail to realize about a central air conditioning system is that it can actually improve the quality of the air inside of a home. The fact is that air quality inside of a home can often be worse than some of the dirtiest places outside. Fortunately, a centralized system will suck in ambient air through the return vent and run that air through a filter to remove a great deal of dust and other harmful particles. Should a homeowner use a HEPA filter as the HVAC systems filter, even more harmful allergens and other particles can be removed, thus significantly increasing air quality.

Lastly, a centralized system is much quieter than individual window or portable air conditioning units. With the noisiest parts of the centralized system, the compressor and condenser, being in an outside unit, the inside units, especially newer systems, are extremely quiet. Sometimes, when the system is on, it’s hard to tell because it runs so quietly.

If you’re thinking about transitioning from your existing cooling and heating system to a centralized unit, you may want to contact Refrigeration, Heating and Cooling. They can help you to choose the right system, and they can also assist with professional grade installation of your new centralized air and heating system.

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