The Benefits of Buying Bulbs Direct

by | Jan 25, 2013 | home and garden

Some flowers come from bulbs, allowing you to plant the bulbs once and enjoy the flowers for years to come without having to worry about planting again. If you want to use these bulbs to beautify your garden, your next step is to determine where to buy them. There are many advantages to purchasing bulbs direct instead of going to your local gardening store to buy them.


When you purchase bulbs, you want a wide variety from which to choose. In addition to the vast number of flowers that grow from bulbs, there are also many colors among those types cialis online of flowers. If you are looking for something specific, buying directly from a flower company will ensure they carry just the right flowers and colors you desire for your garden. The local garden store will likely have a limited variety, limiting what you can do with your garden.

Timely Shipping

Bulbs need to be planted at a specific time for the best results. Some bulbs are best planted in spring, while others need to be planted in the fall. When you purchase your bulbs direct, you can be confident you will have your bulbs at the proper time for planting. Many flower distributors hold onto your order and send them at the best time to plant them. If you rely on your local garden shop, you will need to know when to plant yourself and buy accordingly.

Lower Cost

Any time you buy directly from a distributor, you will be able to take advantage of the low prices. Local stores that sell the same thing also buy from distributors. However, they must then mark up their prices to cover the costs of operation, as well as make a profit. When you buy direct, you cut out the middle man, thus allowing you to take advantage of the low prices so you can buy more for a bigger, more affordable garden.

Building up your garden takes a lot of work and planning. When it comes to buying the bulbs you need for your garden, it is often best to buy bulbs direct. When you do this, you will be able to choose from a much wider variety. In addition, you will know you can count on buying the bulbs for the lowest price possible with timely shipping so you will get the bulbs right when it’s the best time to plant them in your area.



If you are interested in buying your bulbs direct for your garden, visit the Longfield Gardens website at

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