The Beauty of a Wood Door in San Diego, CA

For those who love a taste of the contemporary with the classic beauty of wood and glass, a wood door is the perfect option. These doors are some of the most elegant and classic styles you will find, but they are also different than anything you have seen before, creating a distinct visual impression from the very first glance.

While the wood door is a particular style of door, there are many different options within the style. These are doors designed to offer a range of options to consider, allowing for customization and personalization right from the manufacturer.

The Basic Double Door Design

There are two distinct options in the wood doors; either double door or single door. Both options are made of solid mahogany.

As mahogany is a beautiful, even-grained wood, it can be stained darker colors or left to a more medium color. The grain will be naturally highlighted with the stain and will add to the lines of the door in a way that is warm, earthy and elegant.

The design of the double wood doors meet in the middle, with a circular shape filled with one of several styles of artisan types of glass. This circular shape is wider at the bottom than at the top and has unique details around the rails and styles. It is also carved in the border, both inside and outside of the circular design.

Single Doors and Glass Options

The single door features the half circle shape towards either side of the door, with the same choice of various types of glass elements in the design. These can include artisan glass with patina or zinc caming and beveled glass, as well as clear glass, rain glass, or the unique look of horizontal rain glass.

The wood door in San Diego, CA also comes with the option to add a transom and sidelites for either the single or double door styles. These are uniquely crafted to match the class and the stain used on the door, turning an already elegant front entrance into a work of art.

With staining and sealing from the manufacturer, using low or zero VOCs products and enhanced UV protection, these beautiful doors are also very durable. They are designed to last a lifetime, and the wood door collection is certainly an investment in the beauty and appeal of your home.

The wood door collection by Custom Mouldings Sash & Doors offers many different customization options, as well as staining considerations.

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