The Basics of Wearing an Anarkali Suit

Traditional Indian dress is in high demand in the international fashion market. Bollywood anarkali suits are a popular fashion choice for women of Indian descent and those who enjoy the traditional style of Indian dress. With a large variety of colours and designs, anarkali suits are perfect for casual, formal, or party wear outfits. Fans of Bollywood will notice that top actresses wear beautiful anarkali suits, and this has led to an increase in the demand for this type of fashion wear. With the number of women who want to accentuate their feminine beauty with this timeless fashion, there are some tips to follow to make sure you get an anarkali suit that flatters your body style and doesn’t look too big.

Always Pair an Anarkali with Tight Fitting Pants

Salwar pants are not ideal underneath Bollywood anarkali suits because the tapering is wider and can make the suit appear billowy, which isn’t flattering for women of average size. Instead of salwar pants, try chudidaar pants that are tapered to be tight around the ankles and often buttoned at the bottom. These pants have no flare and will not add bulk to the suit. When ordering anarkali suits online, you can have the pants custom stitched for a better fit. Women who don’t purchase traditional chudidaar pants can accentuate the look of the suit with regular leggings, although it won’t provide the same fashion appeal as traditional styles.

Wearing a Dupatta and Jewellery with an Anarkali Suit

A dupatta is a traditional Indian scarf worn around the head or chest area. It was traditionally used as a form of modesty, allowing women to cover the upper half of their bodies when going out in public or entertaining people in their homes. Many Bollywood anarkali suits come with a matching dupatta, but some women choose not to wear the dupatta or wear it in a non-traditional way.

Embellishments on anarkali suits are sometimes elaborate, with lace, stones, and expensive fabrics accenting the upper half of the suit. With elaborately designed suits, you do not need to wear a lot of jewellery. The accents on the suit are enough to catch the eye and complete the overall look of your outfit. Plainer suits should be accessorized with jewellery or headpieces that help to complete the overall look.

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