The Basics of Tree Service in Fairfield, Connecticut

Just as hedges must be regularly shaped and trimmed, a home’s trees need care as well. There are many benefits to tree trimming, for the property and for the trees themselves. Tree services understand various species’ growth habits, and they can trim trees without causing harm. By calling a tree service in Fairfield, Connecticut area a homeowner can maintain the trees’ natural shape, keep them healthy and enhance the home’s appearance.

What’s Involved in Tree Trimming?

During a Tree Service, dead and broken branches are removed to prevent further harm to the tree. Occasionally, live branches may need to be trimmed away to prevent risks to the property or the tree. Sometimes, live trimming is done to give the tree a more aesthetically pleasing shape, to restore a lake or mountain view, or to open the tree to better airflow and increased sunlight.

If trees are growing near the home, the homeowner may have to contend with overhanging branches. While the threat of limb breakage and roof damage is severe, there is a less-worrisome threat of shingle damage from limbs that rest on the roof. By getting trees trimmed, damage to the shingles’ protective coating can be prevented, which in turn prevents water damage to the roof’s underlayment.

Tree Trimming Doesn’t Always Solve the Problem

As beneficial as professional tree trimming can be, it does not always solve a homeowner’s issues. If the tree’s trunk becomes infested with pests, or if it dies, the tree can present a danger to the home and to surrounding properties. Some trees become too large, providing excess shade or blocking a view. If a tree needs to be taken out, a tree service can do the job safely, quickly and easily. Tree service pros can remove stumps with stump grinders, leaving the homeowner with a space that’s more usable.

It can be tough to keep a yard looking great, but tree trimming is an important component in any landscape maintenance program. Most trees grow slowly and do not need trimming too often. However, when they’re neglected, trees can cause severe damage to the home and to themselves. Hire a professional company like Northeast Horticultural Services.

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