The Advantages of Using Invisalign in Hinsdale to Straighten Your Teeth

Living with crooked teeth can be challenging. You feel self-conscious about smiling at people in public. You also may find it difficult to say certain words because of the placement of your teeth.

Rather than live with this bothersome type of dental challenge, you can get your teeth straightened with braces. However, instead of wearing metal braces, you could get the same results when you wear Invisalign in Hinsdale.

Pain-free Straightening

Metal braces are painful to wear. The wires poke into the sides of your mouths and leave scars. They also rub against the inside of your lips and cause bleeding and irritation.

Further, when the dentist tightens your wires, you could experience distress from tension headaches and sore teeth. You may even have to take a pain reliever just to feel somewhat normal for the next few days.

The invisible braces, however, do not cause this distress in your mouth. They gently move your teeth into alignment and avoid causing scrapes or irritation. They also do not cause tension headaches when they are adjusted.

As their name implies, the invisible braces also are relatively difficult to see on your mouth. No one can tell that you are wearing them without looking closely at your teeth.

You can find out more about wearing Invisalign in Hinsdale to straighten your teeth online. You can set up a consultation, view the braces or get more information by contacting Oakbrook Orthondontics.

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