The Advantages of Owning a Home of Your Own in Ottawa, Canada

If you are considering whether it is worth it to own a home or not, then you definitely want to go with your gut instinct. Instead of throwing away money month after month on rent, you should definitely look into buying one of the many Ottawa houses for sale.

Predictable Payments

One of the great things about owning a home is that the payments are predictable. If you take out the most common of mortgages, which is 30 years at a fixed rate, then your monthly payment will never waiver. Compare this with a rent payment which can change every time you renew your lease and you can see where the real smart choice lies.


Very rarely do houses ever go down in value. When you invest in a home, it will be one of the smartest investments that you can ever make. Depending on how long you live in the home, you can possibly see hundreds of thousands of dollars in return.

Tex Deductions

There are many expenses that go along with owning a home. With this in mind, there are also many tax deductions that are triggered by those expenses. This means that not only are you gaining a place to live and an amazing investment, but you are also reducing your tax burden as well. It’s a winning situation all the way around when you purchase one of the Ottawa houses for sale.

If you are interested in buying a home, please contact Hamre Real Estate Team RE/MAX Affiliates at their website.

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