The Advantages of Asphalt Millings in Norwich CT

When asphalt pavements start to show their age, one of the best ways to resurface and restore them is to use Asphalt Millings in Norwich CT. Asphalt millings are such a good option for restoring pavements for several different reasons. Perhaps the biggest reason that Asphalt Millings in Norwich CT are a good option is that they are sustainable. The existing material can simply be recycled. Instead of using new aggregate, the asphalt millings are made from previously created asphalt material.

This recycling helps to conserve natural resources. The recycled materials can potentially be used multiple times. If a pavement starts to break down, it can be resurfaced with asphalt millings, and this process can be repeated again years later when the pavement starts to break down again. A major advantage of asphalt millings is that they are environmentally friendly. Asphalt millings replace new aggregate and binder. The amount of greenhouse gas generated is therefore reduced significantly. Also, the fact that the asphalt millings are recycled translates into less asphalt in landfills.

Asphalt Millings in Norwich CT can actually produce a better surface than another type of resurfacing can. With asphalt millings, the pavement will be quickly relieved of pits, bumps, cracks, and any other kinds of irregularities. Another advantage of this new surface is that the drainage can be significantly improved. When the pavement is pitted and damaged, proper draining can’t occur. This means that water will linger on the pavement, causing further breakdown. Once the pavement has been resurfaced with asphalt millings, it will look and function much better.

While a brand new asphalt pavement is going to need a considerable amount of time to properly cure before it is ready for traffic, a resurface with asphalt millings is different. Generally speaking, a recently milled pavement can be traveled on almost immediately. Many people feel that asphalt millings are a far better choice than a brand new pavement due to price. With the cost being as little as half of the price of brand new asphalt, it can be a big cost savings in the long term. Even if the pavement needs to be milled again in the future, it will still be more cost effective than a new pavement. Visit here for more details.

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