Test Your Own Internet Applications With Selenium

Lots of internet programmers today are great when it comes to making their own internet applications. The ability to write and format your own code and programs is a great feat. However when it comes to actually testing your own software, many programmers fall short. They just don’t have the right skills and software to successfully test their applications for any code errors or breaks. No worries, however, there is a great program you can use to enable you to test your own internet applications thoroughly. That program is named Selenium.

What is Selenium?

Selenium is software that enables you to run automation testing on your own internet applications through your browser. Effetely you can let Selenium run on its own through multiple browsers and/or servers to thoroughly test your internet applications for any bugs or code breaks. It supports all major desktop systems, e.g. Windows, Apple & Linux. This versatile software can run multiple tests from remote desktops stimulatingly as well as being able to accept HTTP commands enabling you to test in any code language helping with better integration in existing unit test frameworks for your application.

How to Use It

The program works by running comprehensive automated tests through browsers to test all aspects of your online application. When you know how to use it you will implement your Selenium software through your server and allow it to run its “click” based tests. However using Selenium is by no means a simple task, definitely not one that can be described in a mere paragraph. That’s why lots of programmers take a Selenium Online Training course. These training course vary in quality but it really is the best way to learn through a Selenium online training course than go it alone.

The training covers:

How to write your own automated code, enabling you to create test scripts through the Selenium libraries

* How to correctly set up Automating for any web-based application

* Gives you hands-on experience with automation frameworks

* Teaches you practice working knowledge of all main components

* How to crack Selenium interviews

Selenium software really is the latest in automation internet application software and when used right, can revolutionize the outcome of your programs, making sure they’re prefect in every detail. If you’re the type of programmer who settles for nothing less than a perfect program then perhaps get in touch with Way2Automation. They have a vast amount of experience when it comes to Selenium training and can give you great advice on how and where to start your training.

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