Tell-Tale Signs Your Just Good Friends

Meeting Singles In Boston that you like and want to get to know can be a challenge. You may find yourself in the situation where you think you have found the perfect match, only to realize that the other person does not see you as anything more than a “good friend.” While they may love spending time with you and hanging out for hours and hours laughing and talking and coming to you for support and advice, they are still giving out that “friend vibe.”

In most cases, this is not a relationship that you want to stay in for any extended period of time. It can result in confusion that leads to a disheartening and deflating feeling in the pit of your stomach. As a result you will end up analyzing every single interaction between you with the small hope that there may be more there and that a romance may actually develop.

If you have found yourself in this situation and you are completely convinced that there is no potential for romance in the future with this individual, some telltale signs that you are only friends are explained here.

* You contact them more than they contact you, which includes calls, texts and making plans.
* They do everything possible to avoid intimacy or may even show physical signs of dislike when you try to touch them.
* They discuss other love interests with you.
* They laugh or shrug it off if someone even makes the suggestion that the two of you are a couple.
* They call you “buddy” or “mate.”
* They are reminding you all the time that you are such great friends.
* They don’t bother to get dressed up or try to look good when they see you.
* They try to set you up with other possible love interests.
* They flirt or comment on other singles when they are with you.
* When you are in public, they always introduce you as a friend.

A friendly word of advice is that you need to give up the hope that this person may come around if you just give them a bit more time; the simple fact is this will not happen. If you were the right one for them, then they would not need to be convinced. It is time to stop wasting your time, the simple fact is that the feelings are not there for them – end of story.

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