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by | Feb 13, 2014 | Veterinarians

marinapet11 The small golden dog was a drop-off, abandoned at the industrial park.  She was a little thin, but quickly became an expert beggar, her tail wagging furiously whenever one of the guys ate something.  She would sit and watch, usually managing to get a couple bites of the sandwich.  After a few days, someone brought in a small bag of dog food so she’d have something to eat after everyone left.  It was a surprising that she was always there waiting for them in the morning, but she stayed.

She’d been living there for about a month when one of her lunch buddies decided to take her home.  She was a really nice little dog and deserved a family.  He’d talked it over with his wife and kids; they were excited to finally see her and had a name all picked out: “Lady”.  They even had an appointment with the vet for the next morning.

The vet said that she thought Lady was about two or three years old.  She would be testing for worms and other potential problems.  She felt that one of her rear legs had been injured in the past and not treated.  Stray dogs often get injured by people, cars or other dogs.  Lady needed flea treatment and grooming, but was in pretty good condition.  The vet also recommended that she be spayed.  When they took Lady home, they were sure that they had made the right decision when they made her a member of the family.

Marina Pet Hospital understands that each pet is unique.  This full-service practice delivers excellent care, ensuring the best possible health for each pet. Since the Animal Hospital San Francisco first starting offering quality veterinary care to San Francisco pets in 1938, the hospital has focused on cutting-edge, compassionate treatment at the three veterinary hospitals comprising the Marina Pet Hospital Group.

Dr. Roger Kuhn is a pioneer in the delivery of high-quality veterinary care.  In 46 years of practice, he has frequently lectured on the value and methods of diagnostic testing and on the link between consistent, high quality care and practice management and growth.  Dr. Shaun Kuhn has been practising at this Animal Hospital in San Francisco since 1997 and is the Hospital Director / Chief Operating Officer.

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