Take Care of Heat Pumps So They Can Take Care of You

If you live in Newnan, you know very well how much we depend upon our heat pumps operating properly. When we do need to call the repair company, it is often because we did not tend to regular maintenance of the heat pump or did not have it inspected yearly. Most heat pumps will perform for many years if they are adequately cared for. In other words, if you take care of your heat pump, it will take care of you during the cold Newnan winters.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), many homeowners leave their units set to “on” rather than “auto.” Not only does this make the unit more expensive to operate, but it will degrade the performance of the heat pump. The thermostat should always be set to “auto.” In addition to operating the pump in the proper manner, homeowners should perform routine maintenance of their heat pumps to ensure that they are working as efficiently as possible.

Filters should be changed or cleaned once a month or as needed. If a pet lives in the home, check the filters every 2-3 weeks. Outdoor coils of the heat pump system should be cleaned when they are dirty. At least once a quarter, turn off the power to the system, clean the coils, and remove any vegetation and dirt from the outside unit. At this time, the intake registers that are indoors should be checked and cleaned, as well. Cleaning of filters, coils, and intake registers is essential to the efficient operation of any heat pump system. The DOE estimates that heat pumps that are well cared for will operate up to 25% more efficiently than those that are neglected. Not only does this translate into lower energy costs for the consumer, but it also means that the heat pump will last substantially longer without having to be replaced.

In addition to the routine maintenance that can be done by the homeowner, a yearly heat pump checkup should be scheduled with a trained heating specialist in the Newnan area. During this time, the technician will inspect the entire system for problems, ascertain if there is any duct leakage, make sure there is sufficient air flow, measure refrigerant, lubricate any moving parts, inspect belts, and verify that the thermostat is operating correctly. If any repairs are needed to the heat pump, the technician can make those or schedule them for a later date if it is necessary to order parts.

With just a few easy steps, you can make sure that the heat pump Installation in Newnan home is well taken care of, so that it can take good care of you.

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