What Does It Take to Become a Legal Guardian?

Every child needs at least one responsible, stable adult who can fulfill their primary care needs; unfortunately, too many children find the adults they should be able to rely on are incapable of caring for them properly. This is where you can step in by applying for guardianship in Hollywood, FL, for a young person you know who is in need of better care. Your decision to step up for a minor in need is undoubtedly admirable, and you deserve all possible support in taking this important step in yours and the child’s lives. The first step is understanding how the legal path to guardianship in Hollywood, FL, plays out.

How You Must Qualify

In order to qualify for guardianship in Hollywood, FL, you must first reside within the state of Florida, be a legal adult over the age of 18, have no criminal record and be related to the child you’re seeking guardianship of, either legally or genetically. You must submit the proper documentation to the legal system; this includes two requests to be selected as the child’s guardian by the courts, as well as notice the child is in need of a legal guardian in the first place.

You will then be asked to stand before a committee, who will assess whether you will be able to be a competent guardian to the child.

Your Requirements

Obtaining guardianship in Hollywood, FL, can be as complicated a process as it is gratifying. First, you will be responsible for paying fees to obtain and maintain guardianship. It can initially measure between $5000 and $7500, before dropping to between $300 and $2500 each consecutive year. You must also complete and submit a background check, as well as attend a class specially devised for those looking to become legal guardians.

If you have any questions regarding your decision to seek guardianship in Hollywood, FL, contact Fischer & Feldman by calling 954-241-1220 or visiting their website.

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