Sump Pump Installation In Indianapolis, IN Should Be Performed By An Experienced Plumber

A sump pump is used in the basement area of a home to prevent flooding from occurring. Although a sump pump looks easy to install, an improper installation can cause flooding that can destroy a building’s foundation structure and other items. A sump pump installation in Indianapolis IN should always be performed by a licensed plumber for the best results possible.

Common Causes For Sump Pump Failure

Poor installation of a sump pump is the leading reason a sump pump will fail. Owners attempt to save money by installing their own sump pumps and forget a step, causing the pump to fail. The pump must be installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

The size of the pump is also another reason a pump will fail. A pump that is too large or too small will shorten the lifespan of the pump. An experienced plumber will determine the exact pump an owner needs for the size of the drainage area.

Faulty Float And Switch

The switch on a pump is activated when the float hits a certain level in the well. If the float is caught on something in the well or the switch is stuck in the on position, it can cause the pump to continuously operate and overheat. An owner should regularly check their sump pump to make sure the float is in the correct position.

Battery Backup

One of the best things an owner can purchase with their sump pump installation in Indianapolis IN is a battery backup unit. Sump pumps operate on AC power and, when the power goes out, the basement is left vulnerable to flooding. A battery backup unit can easily be installed at the same time as the sump pump and will provide an owner the peace of mind they need knowing their structure is safe.

A sump pump that is installed by a licensed plumber will protect a home for many years to come against flooding and other damage. If a sump pump is not working properly or you need a new one installed, it’s important to contact a licensed plumber. For more information, please contact us.

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