Have You Suffered a Personal Injury in Wichita, KS?

A personal injury accident can come in any number of forms. It may be that the accident happened while driving a car, the collision involved a semi, someone cut off a motorcycle, or any variation thereof. Other personal injury incidents can include a defective product that caused harm, nursing home neglect of a vulnerable senior citizen and traumatic brain injury from a collision. Being on the receiving end of any of these issues is nowhere anyone wants to be, but it happens, and when it does, life becomes difficult.

Being a victim in a Personal Injury In Wichita, KS is an action that begins a host of reactions. To begin with, the victim has had their personal rights violated. Everyone has the right to go about their daily life and expect to be free from harm. Someone who acts in a manner that disregards the safety of everyone around them is violating the innocent expectation of staying in one piece. It may sound a little convoluted, but it’s what tort law for personal injury is based upon.

After an accident severe enough to result in injuries, the victim is now faced with medical bills he never thought he would incur. He shouldn’t have to pay, or cover what his insurance will not, for the damage inflicted upon him by someone else. This is where retaining a lawyer after a Personal Injury In Wichita, KS comes in.

The victim has the right to sue for damages and medical bills after an accident. Typically this is done by naming the offender and the insurance company. The offender most likely has little in the way of assets or money to pay off the medical bills, property replacement and damages, whereas the insurance company does.

Suing the insurance company is a tactic used over and over again with much success. Sometimes it results in a satisfactory settlement, other times the case has to go to a jury trial for an award. While it may seem mercenary to take this route, the alternative of dealing with bills that shouldn’t exist isn’t much better. It’s best to speak with a lawyer about a personal injury event and how it can be cured through the courts.


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