Structural Adhesive Tapes from 3M and the Benefits They Provide

VHB tapes are high bonding structural adhesive tapes manufactured from an acrylic polymer forms into a single substance. They do not have a separate backing, but are made from a thick material that can bond effectively to different types of surfaces.

Permanent bonding is often required in applications that use these adhesives. The bond created is for practical purposes indestructible after it has been applied for three days. The industries utilizing these strong bonding tapes include automotive, construction, aerospace, outdoor signage, and furniture. 3M structural adhesives have the excellent bonding characteristics necessary for many of these applications.

Structural Adhesive Advantages
The features provided by these high bonding adhesive tapes include moisture resistance, viscoelasticity, 100% closed cell construction, chemical resistance, and inherent strength. Both designers and manufacturers utilize this structural tape for the application of real-world solutions originating from design ideas.

The 3M company initially mass marketed VHB tapes. They have been used extensively by engineers since the 1980s due to their excellent structural bonding characteristics. Applications have included the sealing plastics and metals as well as other surfaces to improve durability, productivity, and appearance. They have greater strength than a number of other structural adhesive products on the market. Particular applications utilizing these adhesives have included the holding of the aluminum skins on trailers and for the installation of hotel exterior glass panels.

Structural adhesives manufactured by 3M provide the benefits of performance, parents, and productivity.

When it comes to performance, structural adhesives are so strong that in a number of applications, they are utilized in place of standard structural fasteners, such as screws, rivets, liquid adhesives, and spot welds. They provide the necessary strength and long-term durability for a number of indoor and outdoor applications.

The application of 3M structural adhesive tape can create a smooth, clean surface.

The ease of use, versatility, and fast application available through the use of these VHB tapes facilitate productivity improvement and cost savings.

To find out about your specific options when it comes to the various structural elements of your application or project and using structural adhesives, contact a reputable industrial fastener distributor serving your area today.

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