Stronger Metal Components through Zinc Chromate Plating

In the metal finishing industry, there are numerous processes professionals use to coat metal parts. In addition to boosting aesthetic appeal, many coatings – such as zinc chromate – are used to improve the quality of a piece as a whole. Zinc chromate can be found in spray paints, pigments, and linoleum; however in industry use, it’s commonly seen in fields that use metal components in manufacturing and fabrication. Applying zinc chromate plating is one of the many ways industry professionals get the most out of their metal parts.

About Zinc Chromate
Zinc chromate is a chemical compound that’s used to coat different types of mechanical parts, from automotive gadgets, to military aircraft parts, to aerospace components. In its natural state, zinc chromate is usually a yellowish or yellowish-green color. However, different colors can be blended using pigments. Zinc chromate is often synthesized using neutral potassium chromate and zinc sulfate, and can be spray or brush-applied to a surface. Whether it’s a steel component or zinc-plated piece, zinc chromate can be added for additional protection and strength.

Industry Uses
The primary purpose of zinc chromate plating is to serve as a paint coating for a wide array of metal materials. In many industries, the use of zinc chromate has been popular for decades, and has served automotive manufacturers and government entities alike since the early 20th century. Zinc chromate is also utilized in chromate conversion coating, which is a complex process that involves passivating different types of metal. Passivation is an engineering procedure that includes applying a coating to a piece of metal, which shields it from harmful influencing factors, such as corrosion.

Anti-Corrosion and Rust
The most important benefits of zinc chromate are corrosion resistance and anti-rust capabilities, which are necessary traits when it comes to protecting aircraft, aerospace, and automotive components. The toxicity of zinc chromate quickly eliminates organic substances that may begin to grow on the surface of a component. This saves metal parts from corrosion and rust and keeps them in excellent working condition for longer periods of time. Expert metal finishing companies offer a range of plating and coating services for different metal components – guaranteed to match or exceed your needs.

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