Strict Time Limitations Apply If You Purchased a Lemon: Act Quickly

As per the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office, the Automobile Lemon Law is intended to protect Pennsylvania vehicle purchasers from “unsafe and defective new cars.” The law is limited to the purchase or lease of new vehicles that are registered in Pennsylvania and used for personal, family or household purposes. As opposed to some other states, motorcycles, motor homes and off-road vehicles aren’t covered by the Lemon Law PA.

Substantial Impairment
Vehicles are covered by the Automobile Lemon Law during the first 12 months or 12,000 miles of ownership. The problem giving rise to a claim under the law must substantially impair a vehicle’s value, use or safety. After a first repair attempt, buyers are covered for any of the same problems after that.

Number of Repair Attempts
Pennsylvania law allows a vehicle manufacturer three attempts at repairing the same problem. If the vehicle isn’t repaired, the buyer can demand either a refund or replacement of the vehicle. A refund or replacement can also be sought if the vehicle is in the dealer’s shop for any repairs during the first 12 months or 12,000 miles.

Use of the New Vehicle
Under the law, the manufacturer has the right to an offset for the use of a vehicle in event of a refund. That offset can’t total more than 10% of the vehicle’s purchase price or 10 cents for every mile driven before the first repair. For purposes of replacement, if a manufacturer is unable to match a particular model or year, the purchaser must be given a comparable vehicle of equal value.

Information on how a purchaser might invoke his or her rights under PA Lemon Law can be found in the vehicle purchaser’s owner’s manual. Additional remedies are available for affected purchasers. If you believe that you have purchased a lemon, strict time limitations are in effect. Contact the Krohn & Moss Consumer Law Center right away at 866-543-5924.

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