Straighten Your Teeth With Invisalign In Chicago, IL

Making the most of your smile is nothing to be ashamed of. When we smile at people they usually respond positively to us and it makes for much easier conversation. It is the key to feeling at ease in business and social situations. However when our teeth are crooked or less than perfect, we may hesitate to smile as broadly as we might like to. The answer to this used to be having our dentist put braces on our teeth. Long the bane of young kids and teenagers, these consisted of heavy metal bands and wires. Until their service was completed, they made for more shame than pride. Happily, those days are long over. Straightening one’s teeth can now be accomplished with invisalign in Chicago, IL. This invisible plastic is molded over one’s teeth to move them into place. With invisalign in Chicago, IL no one but you and your dental team will never know you are having your teeth straightened or your bite aligned.

This dental treatment along with a myriad of dental procedures are available at the Chicago Smile Design Center. Here Dr. Peter Tomaselli designs the teeth of patients the way artists might take their designs to a canvas. Through his advanced skills in general and cosmetic dentistry he can restore any one’s dental physique to its optimum best. The doctor and his staff can offer everything from the routine appointment to more complicated dental procedures. They use the most up to date equipment and technologies, making dental care truly painless. Their team can handle the removal of wisdom teeth, and can do this surgery under sedation to make any patient even more comfortable. Dental implants can also be added to a patient who is currently missing teeth but would like to have them in their mouth on a permanent basis. Experienced staff members work with each patient to make feel at home, with care instructions provided as essential for any period of recuperation. Patients from the Windy City and its surrounding suburbs know that when they enter his offices, they are in good and highly educated hands. For more information or to schedule an appointment see the doctor’s web pages at

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