Straight Teeth From An Orthodontic Clinic In Hawthorne


An orthodontic clinic in Hawthorne can give you the straight teeth you have always desired.  Modern orthodontia has come a long way since its roots in the time of Aristotle.  Archaeologists have found mummified bodies that had metal bands wrapped around their teeth to help align the bite.  Later, dentists in Europe used iron horseshoe shaped apparatuses to guide teeth into proper alignment. Today there are a variety of braces available to straighten your teeth for cosmetic or structural problems.  The age old stainless steel bands joined with wires is still a popular method for some cases.  In other cases invisible or behind the teeth brackets can be used to lessen the appearance of braces. Crooked or crowded teeth can cause gum disease, headaches, earaches, incorrect jaw placement as well as being unsightly.

The Procedure

If you have crooked teeth or a bite that is off, you can benefit from orthodontic care.  After the initial consultation with an orthodontic clinic in Hawthorne, you will have an idea of the time, costs, and the work that will be done in your mouth.   The consultation will include a visual inspection of your teeth, x-rays, digital molds, and impressions.  At your first appointment when braces will be installed, the dentist will place bands around your teeth and wires will be threaded through the special openings.  Once all braces are in place, the wires will be adjusted and tightened.  Every 3-6 weeks you will have to return and have the wires once again tightened until your teeth are in their ideal alignment.  Once they are removed, to make sure they don’t migrate back to their original position, the dentist or orthodontist will provide you with a custom fit retainer to help them further “set” in their new location.

Children And Adults Benefit From Straight Teeth

Experts agree that the ideal age range for orthodontic procedures is from the ages of 10 to 14.  This is because the head and mouth are still growing, and the teeth are more apt to align properly.  However, adults that have significant structural or cosmetic challenges due to crooked teeth can also greatly benefit from braces.  Over bites, under bites, cross bites, and crooked teeth can be corrected through proper orthodontic care.  Straight teeth provide easier cleaning and overall dental health and help to ensure that gum disease and other problems don’t take root.

Things To Avoid With Braces

Your dentist or orthodontist will provide you with a complete list of things to avoid while you are undergoing orthodontic care.  Hard or crunchy foods like carrots and nuts must be cut into small pieces.  Of course foods like popcorn and caramels should be avoided altogether as they can cause brackets and wires to break or become dislodged.  Of course, all dental health professionals will tell you never to chew ice.  Ice is one of the leading causes of tooth destruction.

Whether you have crooked teeth that bother you from an aesthetic perspective or if you have a severe structural problem causing pain or discomfort, braces can be your solution. An orthodontic clinic in Hawthorne can give you the straight smile and perfect bite you have always desired.

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