Steps Kennesaw, GA, Homeowners Can Take to Prepare for a Roof Replacement

Homeowners who are about to have their roof replaced may wonder what steps they can take to keep their children, pets, vehicles, and belongings safe and clean. The following tips will help homeowners as they prepare for this major construction project.

Homeowners should walk around outside of their home and move items that could be damaged by falling debris. First, they will need to find a new parking spaces for their vehicles in order to protect them as the work is done. When roof replacements in Kennesaw, GA, are performed, homeowners do not want patio furniture, grills, lawn ornaments, or potted plants being damaged. If an on-site storage area is not available, simply moving these things to a safer part of the yard is helpful.

Parents need to talk to their children before the project begins. They should understand which parts of the home or yard will be off-limits when the work is taking place. Pet owners need to be prepared before roof replacements in Kennesaw, GA, take place as well. Perhaps they will need to have a friend watch their pets while the project is being done.

Belongings in the attic can be protected by covering them with old sheets or drop cloths. As tools are being used on the roof, this can cause debris and dust to fall. It is also wise to take down decorations that could easily fall off of the walls. Light fixtures may need to be secured or completely removed until the work is finished.

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