Steps For Planning A Funeral In Renton WA

In New Jersey, funeral directors help families begin the funeral planning process. They help these families make clear choices about what their loved one would want. They provide services and products to reduce the burden on these families. Local funeral directors provide complete guidance when planning a funeral in Renton, WA.

Make Arrangements for Transport of the Loved One

The first step is to arrange the transport of the loved one to the funeral home. The family should call the funeral director directly and provide necessary information. The funeral director needs the name and location of the loved one to complete this task. The family should meet with the funeral director once their loved one has arrived.

Choose the Type of Service

There two basic service types available through local funeral homes. They are funerals and cremation. The family must designate what option they prefer for their loved. Each choice presents further steps that must be followed. For example, a burial requires the family to choose a casket and set up a time for the funeral. This also requires the transport of the loved one to a graveside and a graveside service.

Processing the Insurance Claim

The family should provide the life insurance policy in which they wish to use to cover all costs. The funeral director will manage the claim’s process for the family. They contact the insurance provider directly. They must provide a death certificate and information about the funeral service.

Scheduling the Funeral and Viewing

The family schedules the funeral and viewing based on availability and the best time for the family. The funeral director helps the family make these selections. They may also send an obituary to the local newspaper on the family’s behalf. This service is often included in the cost of the funeral.

In Renton, WA, funeral directors help families proceed through the funeral planning process. This includes making selections about what the loved one wanted as their final wishes. The funeral director presents a variety of options for the family members. Families that need to plan a funeral Renton, WA should contact Cady Cremation Services & Funeral Home for more information and to make arrangements for your loved one today.