State-of-the-Art Hydraulic Pump Repair and Rebuild in the Chicago Area

A hydraulic pump is a component of hydraulic systems and is either hydrostatic or hydrodynamic. The pump creates a hydraulic energy resource, also known as pressure or flow, employing mechanical power. It achieves this by creating a vacuum at its inlet by mechanical action, drawing hydraulic fluid into the reservoir and delivering it to the hydraulic system through the pump outlet.

Hydraulic Pump Repair

When a hydraulic pump fails, the priority is to have it in good working condition as soon as possible. While a new product would suffice, most parts can be repaired or replaced. In general, if a repair doesn’t cost more than about 60 percent of a new unit, a rebuild is the best option.

Hydraulic Pump Rebuilding

A hydraulic pump rebuilds in Chicago involves dismantling a failed pump to find the failed parts or causes of failure. The hydraulic pump is later restored with new or re-manufactured parts. It also involves putting the rebuilt unit through dynamic testing to make sure it matches specified pressure, flow and leakage.

Types of rebuilding services include:

  • Dual pump testing
  • Dual power cylinder stand service
  • Field testing

Keeping Business Moving in Chicago

When hydraulic systems need repair, such as a hydraulic pump rebuild in Chicago, a qualified and locally-owned hydraulics repair company with decades of collective experience in parts repair and fabrication of rods, pistons, barrels, pins, glands, bushing or shafts will use state-of-the-art servicing techniques, often with a same-day turnaround. Call Miller Hydraulic Service Inc at 815-468-7745 or visit today.

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