Star Truck Driving School Chicago Presents: How to Choose a Truck Driving School

Trucking is a rewarding industry because all industries rely on truck drivers for supplies, customer fulfillment or restocking. Many industries will only hire truckers that have successfully completed a truck driving course. Here are some tips on how to choose a truck driving school from Star Truck Driving School Chicago IL.

Don’t Automatically Choose the Lowest Priced School

Most potential truck drivers are so eager to start working and making money that they automatically pick the truck driving school with the lowest fees. There is a reason why some schools charge so little. They skimp on providing you the materials, training and instruction you need in order to last as a truck driver. Check to see what the fees cover.


If you are looking to get employed within your state or in a large city like Chicago, check the certification requirements for that area. You may need to use a local school instead of a national chain in order to best fulfill these requirements. You also need to factor in your transportation costs of getting to and from the school. A long drive to and from the school could be difficult to fit into your schedule and make it more difficult to learn and pass the course.

How Much One-on-One Teaching You Get

The more one-on-one teaching you get from your truck driving school the better. This is especially important for raw beginners or those who never had experience driving anything larger than a mini-van. You should get at least 32 hours of personal instruction while you are behind the wheel. If you already have experience behind big rigs and need to take a refresher course to satisfy employer requirements, then one-on-one time may not be so important to you.

Student to Teacher Ratio

Since the nature of truck driving means you have to have at least 32 hours of personal instruction, classes cannot be large. Any class with over four students can be a problem. It may not be physically possible for an instructor to give as much time needed with each student when there are large classes.

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