Specialty Builder Makes and Sells Handicap Vans in Texas

People who are confined to wheelchairs have special considerations needed not just for their personal mobility, but also for their vehicle transportation. Lonestar Handicap Vans is a maker and seller of Handicap Vans Texas where buyers can find all kinds of vans with the modifications needed for those with handicaps requiring special transportation. They may special conversions done to the vehicle so they are able to get around as conveniently as possible. Lonestar believes everyone should be able to get around and go where they need to go in as dignified a manner as possible.

Some of the features that conversion van customers may need are platform lifts, ramps, raised roofs, wider aisles, wheelchair tie-downs, hand controls, and lowered floors. After the necessary conversions, the vehicles available may have all kinds of other options that any vehicles may have, like dual-zone air conditioning, DVD players, CD changers, satellite radio, remote starts, moon roofs, and so on.

Lone Star builds wheelchair van conversions and also takes in trade-ins of both Handicap Vans Texas and non-conversion vehicles. They do crash testing on all vehicles according to the 2011 standards set forth by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. They have financing options for customers with programs that provide loans and grants. Some of these programs are Community Living Assistance and Support Services, the Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services, the Medically Dependent Children Program, the Texas Department of Aging and Disabilities Services, and through Veterans Affairs.

In addition to being a seller and re-seller of conversion vans, Lonestar also has a rental program. Perhaps a customer is not sure which model would suit them best, or they aren’t sure what specifications they should order with their vehicle. They can participate in the rental program and try it out for themselves in real-life testing and not just a dealer test drive. They may also prefer to rent a van for a long family trip if they normally drive a converted car but not a van but realize they are going o need more room. All the rental vans have either lifts or ramps. Rentals are available in both Texas and parts of Louisiana.

Lonestar Handicap Vans


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