Special gifts for that special girl in your life

When you are looking for special gifts for a girlfriend, you’re Mom or that pesky kid sister; it’s hard to go wrong with jewelry.

All women love jewelry and anything that catches her fancy and you know about it will certainly help with the relationship. If she has recently bought a new dress, a gorgeous necklace will go over great, or a pair of drop earrings that make her long neck look even longer and more slender or a new tennis bracelet that draws serious attention.

Genuinely special gifts for girlfriend combine the beauty of jewelry which signifies her birth month. Birthstone jewelry is really great when you simply have run out of ideas; it is by far the easiest way to personalize your gift. Not only is a birthstone a very personal gift, there is a great deal of history and lore behind the stones.

The original twelve stones were very different than the ones we have today. The first listing of birthstones were not selected for a month, lore has it that they were stones set in the breastplate of the Jewish high priest and they signifies the twelve tribes, it was not until later that they took on a significance for the twelve months.

It was the ancient astrologers that first associated the original gemstones of beryl, topaz, ruby, turquoise, lapis lazuli, emerald, jacinth, agate, amethyst, crysolite, onyx and jasper with a specific sign of the zodiac.

The list of birthstones was different for the ancient Tibetans as well as the ancient people of India. In the case of India, the birthstone list was based on twelve branches of medicine that was practiced at the time. Actually the study of the history of birthstones can be very interesting.

The birthstones that are used today in the US were compiled in 1912.The National Association of Jewelers decided on a specific gemstone for each month of the year, the stones are applicable to the calendar month and not the lunar month which was the original method.

Knowing the various birthstones makes it a reasonably simple matter to purchase special gifts for girlfriend. As it’s the birthstone that makes the gist special, it is possible to find a gift that meets just about everyone’s budget.


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