Sounds Like You Need Heater Repair in Atlanta

When do you know you might need heater repair in Atlanta? In addition to checking if the HVAC unit is actually performing at a level it should based on your thermostat’s settings, you can also listen closely to the machine or its separate components if there are any strange noises coming from it. if there is, there is a huge chance your furnace needs heater repair in Atlanta.

Explosive Banging

Check your furnace during startup to make sure there is no loud banging noise. Loud bangs are a sign the burners themselves are dirty or clogged with residue.

Residual clogging of furnace burners results in the build-up of gas around the burners, and when the flame finally catches, the buildup of gas ignites. While not deathly serious, in time, this means your burners aren’t throwing out optimal heat and you will pay more for gas for reduced performance.

Metals Clanging

Low level clanging probably means metal pipes and assemblages are expanding due to the heat from your furnace. However, consistent loud clanging may point to loose, moving pipes that are swinging or shaking, even when they should be completely fixed in place.

A qualified heater repair company in Atlanta can help you locate loose pipes and fittings, as well as identify any problems with the motors of the fans delivering the heat throughout the house.

Modern furnaces are a bit more complicated than conventional log furnaces because you have electrical components working with a largely mechanical system that burns fuel solely to generate heat.


Any high-pitched screeching sounds can mean the main fan serving the furnace has a defective or broken belt. Should you hear this type of noise, immediately schedule an inspection with a heater repair in Atlanta.

Get proper, expert advice about noises and other issues when you visit Moncrief Heating & Air Conditioning today.

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