Some of the Jacuzzi Hot Tub Parts You May Need

Everyone hopes their hot tub runs well for a long time. People who take care of their hot tubs can keep them running for longer, but things happen and parts wear out. When those parts wear out, you will need to purchase new Jacuzzi hot tub parts to get it working again. If you can do the work yourself, you will save yourself some money. However, you will need to know which parts you need.

The Jets

The jets in your Jacuzzi hot tub are some of the most crucial elements of the tub. Without the jets, you won’t get the relaxing water massage you expect from a Jacuzzi. If the jets have lost their effectiveness, you may need to replace them. Knowing where to buy genuine parts to replace the jets that aren’t working is important to ensure it all works properly when you are done.


Most Jacuzzis have several pumps inside to ensure the water circulates properly in the tub. When one of these pumps wears out, you will need to purchase Jacuzzi hot tub parts to either fix or entirely replace the pump that has broken down. Because there are multiple pumps, you need to be able to tell just which one needs repairs. If you speak with a reputable spa parts dealer, they may be able to help you find out which pump needs repair.


Though not an actual part of the hot tub, you will still need several chemicals to ensure your hot tub operates correctly and everyone stays healthy. In general, you will need chlorine, spa shock and potentially pH plus, demineralizer and water clarifier to ensure the water is in the right condition for spending time in the hot tub. It is important to test the water at least once a week and keep all the chemicals on hand to ensure you have what you need when you need it.

Jacuzzi hot tub parts are important to make sure your hot tub keeps running as smoothly as it should. Some of those parts, such as the necessary chemicals, are needed to ensure the proper operation of the hot tub. However, other parts, such as the jets and the pumps, aren’t needed unless something goes wrong with your hot tub. When something does go wrong, you will need to know just which parts you will need to make the repair.

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