Solutions to Look at For a Wet Basement in Natick, MA

The worst kind of basement to have is a wet basement. The constant presence of water will provide a source for bugs, mold, and other unpleasant things. This can make the basement a scary place to visit. Fixing this problem will require looking at the amount of water that is intruding and how the water is coming in. These are some of the solutions to consider.

One solution to a wet basement in Natick MA is to get the foundation of the house wrapped in a waterproof coating. The area around the house is dug out to apply the wrap. This type of solution is good for basements that reside in moist soil conditions or have intermittent problems of water seepage. Older foundations may also benefit from this type of water proofing.

Another solution for a wet basement in Natick MA is to add a french drain. This is often done in conjunction with the wrapping to help the water drain away from the home. Like the wrapping, the area around the house is dug up. A layer of stone is placed in the bottom along with a drainage pipe. The pipe is sloped to help filter the water away from the foundation. It can be tied into local storm drains with the proper connections. It may also lead into the city drainage system depending on the setup of the lines.

For heavy duty water intrusion, the sump pump is used to resolve the wet basement in Natick MA issue. The pump is placed in the basement with a pipe leading to the local drainage line. The pump operates when the water reaches a certain level. This method is preferred in areas where the moisture in the soil is very high or in areas where the house is located at a low point in relationship to other homes.

These are a few solutions to help with wet basement issues. The solution will vary depending on the amount of water intrusion and the configuration of the basement. By keeping the water out, the basement can become a welcoming place to visit or overhaul into extra living space. For more information on getting the wet basement problem resolved, contact Drycrete Waterproofing.

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