Simple Questions To Help You Cut Legal Expenses

One of the biggest things to keep in mind when you are hiring an attorney is that the face to face time that you spend with the professional is not all that you will be paying for. In fact, most of the billing that you will see on your itemized list is going to be for other types of services and activities, most which may not be performed by the attorney. By understanding just what is involved besides the attorney’s time you can often find ways to cut legal expenses while still getting the highest quality service.

Attorney Fees

Obviously when your attorney is directly working on your case you will be billed his or her standard hourly rate or it is all part of the flat rate you have agreed upon. You may also have a contingency arrangement where the attorney will not be paid for his or her services until there is a settlement. They will get an agreed upon percentage of that settlement when it is finalized.

However, the fee that you are quoted is for his or her services, not for that of the paralegal or clerical staff. Ask what the rate is for both the attorney as well as the support staff and also ask for an estimate of the total cost. An experienced attorney can provide this information with accuracy providing there are no unforeseen complications.

Cutting Extras Helps Cut Legal Expenses

Besides a rate for the professionals in the legal firm working on your case you will also be charged for specific extra services. These services can include charges for photocopying, mailing, courier services for legal documents, long distance calls, computer time and even any filing fees associated with your case.

It is important to talk to your attorney and determine what specific costs you can expect for your case. Depending on the specific type of legal issue these costs can be substantial but you may be able to cut legal expenses by providing extra copies, sending information via PDF files or other types of options to cut these legal expenses.

Get it in Writing

Getting a written fee agreement and having the time to compare it to others can also help to cut legal expenses. You do have the right to have an estimate and to be kept abreast of the expenses and fees already charged along the way in your case.

Whether you have a simple case or a highly complex legal issue it is important to find ways to cut legal expenses. For more information on your options visit our website at.Save

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