A Simple Process For Household Recycling in Aurora

In the past, it was easier to put recyclables in the regular trash than to sort them into separate bins to be picked up by the recycling company. Fortunately, the process has been simplified for Aurora residents. Instead of spending hours sorting and resorting recyclable paper, plastic and metal, Aurora residents can put everything in one bin and leave the bin at the curb for Alpine Waste and Recycling to pick up.

It is important to educate children about which items can be recycled so that those things do not go to the landfill. While most plastic containers can be placed in your recycling bin, there are some that need to be disposed of separately. Plastic bottles with numbers 1 through 7 printed on the bottom can be place in a curbside bin. However, some other plastic items cannot. For example, the plastic rings that hold six-packs of soda or beer together cannot go in the bin, plastic eating utensils cannot be recycled and plastic bags are not accepted through curbside recycling. Syringes should be disposed of through a sharps disposal program.

Before leaving your plastic containers at the curb, rinse them out as thoroughly as possible. Because the products need to be sorted and cleaned at the recycling facility, cleaning any leftover food, hair care products, cleaning supplies or other liquid out of the containers before you put them in the bin helps the process run more efficiently.

While a variety of paper products are accepted for recycling in Aurora CO, there are some paper products that have to be disposed of separately. Brown paper bags, cereal and tissue boxes, newspaper, magazines and junk mail will all be picked up if you place them in your curbside bin. However, wax-lined cardboard and Tyvek overnight mail envelopes cannot be recycled in Aurora.

Remember, you don’t have to sort your recyclable items by type. Just drop all of your recyclable plastic, paper and steel in one bin to be picked up by Alpine Waste and Recycling.

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