Signs You Need New Windows in Madison, WI

The windows to your home are one of the most important components not just of its character and charm, but also of its energy efficiency. The problem many property owners have, though, is not taking care to update these windows often enough. This leads to air leaks that are both expensive and uncomfortable. How do you know when you need new windows in Madison, WI, then?

Key Signs to Look for in Your Windows

Whether it is window treatments in Madison, WI or new window installation, having the right team by your side makes a big difference. At RPM, our team is happy to help you understand the current state of your windows. To do this, we need to look the windows themselves to see if there are any openings along the frame. We are also looking for the seals and how tightly the windows close. You also want to have weatherproofed windows that do not allow moisture to get through to them. If there are signs of moisture damage, significant repairs are necessary.

How Old Is Too Old?

It goes without saying that you should replace your windows every 10 to 20 years, depending on the overall condition. However, it is important to consider quality windows. For example, the use of single pane windows in a home is going to create a lot of air leaks over time. Upgrading to new, efficient products is sure to save you money.

Finding New Windows Near Me

Work with a company specializing in windows in Madison, WI. Learn more about your options as well as about the types of windows that may be best suited to lower your home’s energy needs. When you take these steps, you enhance the end result of your windows.

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