Signs That the Time Has Come for a New Water Heater

While a Hot Water Heater in Montgomery MD is intended to last for a number of years, even the best model will eventually need to be replaced. In most cases, there are some signs that the heater is on the way out. Homeowners who take note of those signs will know in advance that they need to be making plans for a replacement.

Decrease in Energy Efficiency

One of the more common signs that a Hot Water Heater in Montgomery MD is on the way out is the fact that it is taking more energy to heat the same amount of water. If replacing the heating element does not turn the situation around, odds are that the entire unit is about to fail. At that point, it is better to start thinking in terms of a replacement instead of spending more money on repairs that are not likely to keep the heater going.

Rust Stains Around the Tank

As water heaters age, they are more likely to develop rust at various points along the tank. Be on the lookout for rust around the base of the tank in particular. This could mean that the unit is developing some serious issues and will need replacing in the near future. Unusual Sounds Most water heaters operate without making much in the way of noise. If a heater begins to make noises that are uncommon, that could be a sign that something is not right. A quick inspection by a professional will determine if the underlying problem is worth repairing, or if it is better to go ahead and start thinking about purchasing a new heater. Keep in mind that these and other signs that something is wrong do not automatically mean that the water heater is going to fail in the next few days.

If that cost is fairly close to the price of a new heater, and the repairs will only allow the heater to keep going for a short period of time, then the smart thing to do is work with that professional to arrange for the purchase and installation of a new unit.

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