Signs That Your College Station TX Fence Needs Fixing

You need your fence to be as reliable as possible. It provides privacy and security for your property, and it needs proper maintenance to keep it strong. Here are some signs that your fencing College Station TX needs to be repaired.

Rotting Spots

If your fence has taken on too much moisture, then it can start to rot. This will affect both how your fence looks and how strong it is. You can tell when wood is rotting when it gets soft, or starts to decay. If you replace a rotting plank, make sure to use treated wood to protect against moisture.

Leaning Fencing

If your fencing College Station TX is leaning, then there are materials that are wearing down, or posts that have shifted. A leaning fence is not a strong fence, and could fall all the way over if not repaired quickly with stronger materials and better anchors for the posts.


Chain link and wrought iron fencing can start to rust, which will make it weak and easy to break. If you want to keep your property secure, then fix it immediately. You can use a simple rust treatment in some cases, but for more severe cases you may have to replace the damaged sections.

Missing Boards

A single missing board isn’t too much of a problem, but if you have several, you should get them replaced quickly. Otherwise it will look terrible and there will be weak spots along your fence.

If you are having an issue with your fence or want one installed on your property, contact the experts at for a free estimate.

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