Signs It is Time To Replace Beds In Kalamazoo Homes

While you will often hear sales staff tell their customers in Kalamazoo that a mattress should be changed every eight years, there are other signs that are a sure indicator that a mattress needs to be replaced before that time.

Having comfortable beds for the whole family is important. This is true for children through to seniors in the family as a good night’s sleep has an impact on overall health and well-being. Recognizing the early signs that the mattresses are no longer providing that quality of sleep will help you to plan for your next mattress purchase.

Gradual Changes

One of the biggest reasons that it is difficult to realize that beds are gradually losing their ability to provide the support needed is that it happens so slowly. With the slow softening and sinking of the mattress in the position you normally sleep the body adjusts as well. Often the first indicator is a slight indentation or contour to the mattress where you regularly sleep.

If there is a definite sag it the mattress in any position, it is time for a replacement. Simply turning the mattress will not prevent the problem regardless of the type of mattress.

Back and Neck Pain

When you wake up with back, neck, hip or lower leg pain, it can be a sign of a mattress problem. This is because of the lack of support provided. If you sleep on your side, the pain can occur at the pressure points of your shoulders, hips and even in your knees, which will cause your spine and neck to be incorrectly aligned throughout the night.

Fatigue in the Morning

When you wake up feeling tired and not at all refreshed and ready to start the day, your beds may actually be working against you. When there is insufficient support, the body naturally moves around in your sleep to try to find a comfortable position.

Moving about at night can limit your ability to get the deep sleep required. This will often result in waking up with a foggy, tired feeling. A good way to test this is to try sleeping on another bed in the home and see if you feel more refreshed in the morning.

In Kalamazoo, there are several outlets to buy new mattresses. Shop around and look for a quality mattress to replace your aging mattress even if you notice these signs before that eight year time frame.

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