Signs That You Have Found a Great Flooring Contractor in Rocky Hill, CT

If you have recently hired a flooring contractor, you may be wondering whether or not you made a good decision. It’s normal to second-guess yourself, and while there’s no going back, it is possible to tell whether or not you made a good choice. While there are many contractors for you to choose from in your area, if you hired a great contractor, you will see that they have done the following things.

Your Quote Is Detailed

One thing to expect from a flooring contractor in Rocky Hill, CT is a very detailed and thorough quote that is provided in writing. You want your contract to break down the installation costs and itemize every charge that is included, no matter how small. Look for information on preparation and other services that they are going to be provided while at your home.

They Prepped the Subfloor

Your flooring contractor shouldn’t lay a single plank of wood without first making sure that the subfloor has been properly prepped. This means that all debris is removed, the subfloor is dry and level, and that there is no concealed moisture. By ensuring that your subfloor is in great condition, a contractor will be able to lay a better-looking and higher quality floor.

They Let Your Hardwood Acclimatize

Your new flooring is going to contract and swell due to the moisture in the air, and if your contractor doesn’t let the flooring acclimatize before installing it, you are likely to see buckling and gaps. It can take several weeks for your flooring to be ready for installation, and rush the process will result in a subpar floor.

Your flooring contractor should do everything they can to ensure that your floor looks amazing when they are done. Find more information about what to expect from your contractor and how to hire someone who is skilled by clicking here.

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