Show Off Your Orange County Business with Custom Hat Embroidery

Every Orange County business wants to promote themselves and show off their logos or specific mottos that are frequently coined by them. This is the way to boost your company’s image and sales, but it is also a great way to get your name out there and create a walking advertisement out of anyone who wears your custom embroidered hat.

Worn Everywhere

Almost every person has worn a hat at least once in their lives. Whether young or old, people enjoy wearing hats, especially hats in cold weather and baseball caps in summer. Just think of all the people you have seen wearing some type of hat and then consider them wearing your branded hats with custom embroidery options to meet any logo or motto needs.

If your employees typically work outside, such as in lawn care or installations of items, consider having them wear hats with custom embroidery options as part of their uniforms to remind customers and potentials that your company is out there.


Your company may decide to sponsor a sports team that regularly wears caps, such as baseball or Little League. Since you sponsor the company, they may be willing to place your logo somewhere on the hat or on the back of the uniform for advertising.


Consider offering a giveaway of seasonal hats with your Orange County logo, name or motto on them. People love to get items for free or to win them and you get more advertising from them wearing your hat.

Consider having a giveaway each season to really spark people’s interest. For the winter, consider knitted hats, caps or those “ear-flap” hats and include your logo on the front and the motto on the back. You can select all one color or have different options customers can choose from.

For spring, consider a ball-cap style with your logo. There are many selections available for the hat, including camouflage, solid color or multi-color.

In summer, you could purchase straw hats and use custom embroidery to recreate your logo onto the hat itself. You may also want to consider ball-cap and visor options.

Fall options can include knitted hats to get ready for winter, ball-caps and more.

Whether you want to offer something simple but effective at a promotional event or offer a giveaway online, customers will be more interested in a free item that is practical and comfortable. When the promotion ends, they will be more willing to purchase these items, as well.

There are many reasons to consider custom hat embroidery in Orange County. Name of the Game offers this and much more.


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