Shelley Brothers has been a Provider of Monuments in Connecticut for 170 Years

Nothing is more stressful and grief-inducing than the loss of a family member or loved one. Even for those who have had the foresight to pre-plan their own final arrangements, many decisions remain to be made, often within hours of notification of the passing. Travel arrangements must be made, distant relatives and friends notified and times for visitation and services coordinated. Any decisions not time-sensitive in nature can easily be delayed until such time as necessary.

Selection of a monument is a long-term investment in the memory and honor of a loved one. Care and attention to detail should be taken in choosing a permanent remembrance. Even after the final selection, it will take some time for the finished product to be ready for placement, so there is no need to rush into a decision which might be better made after thought and reflection. Some of the details often not taken into consideration include:

• The Source of the granite to be used. Hardness and hardiness varies, and some climates require different properties than others

• Dimensions of the finished product, both the base and the tablet

• Warranties against defects in the stone

Monuments in Connecticut generally utilize locally quarried granite, as that from other sources does not withstand time and weather as well. Examples of finished products of various ages can be found by coordinating with the monument company, and should be viewed before the purchase of a new marker. Not only the condition of the stone should be inspected, but the style, depth and height of the lettering can also aid in the decision making.

Once a stone, design, size and lettering style have been decided upon, a contract is signed with the monument company, specifying all services to be performed, including placement, whether or not a foundation may be necessary, and any other desired details. It should always be foremost in everyone’s mind that the final product will be a permanent remembrance and honoring of the life of a loved one. Nothing should be left to chance.

There are many choices for families seeking Monuments in Connecticut. One of the oldest companies in the state, with over 170 years of service to residents is Shelley Brothers, whose services are detailed at They are dedicated to serving the needs of Guilford, New Haven and throughout the state.

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