Shared Office Space in NYC Shares More Than the Financial Burden

Clearly one of the biggest benefits of shared office space in NYC is distributing some of the financial burdens that are associated with having an office space in the city but while it is the most obvious it is not the only benefit. An office is not just a series of rooms, an office space requires a litany of things to make it work.

  • Furniture
  • Equipment
  • Phone lines
  • Wifi

Of course all of the above also cost money on top of your lease but they also take time to set up and if you do not need the space full time (or even if you do) it is a great benefit to have someone else manage it all for you. Sharing an office space also can give you more room. It may sound counterintuitive but when you share a space you can take advantage of things like a conference room which you may not be able to have in a long term lease commitment.

Based On Your Time
This is an ideal situation for businesses that want to conserve spending AND it is a great solution for those that are self-employed, consultants that travel in and out of the city on business but do not necessarily consider it their home base. There are many times that you likely wish you had an office space and there are likely just as many times that you find you really do not need one.

One of the reasons that more and more businesses are considering the sharing the space options is because they want something available should they need it but they do not want to have to pay out of pocket for the times that they do not.

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